Vail Ski Instructor Salaries vs. Vail CEO “Kid Katz”

by  Fairwages

You’ll never read nor see this in the Daily Fishwrap.  Vail’s CEO buys way too much Paid Print Advertising there…to ever have those folks show you, nor tell you,  nor make an issue out of it.

Yes…it’s a bit political.


Topic?  Vail Ski Instructor Salaries vs. Rob Katz ($4.3 -million dollar) annual Salary (before benefits and stock options).

It’s rated “G” for General Audiences…their message is (CLICK HERE)

The Vail Ski Instructions little animated Video didn’t mention that Vail Resorts also recently dropped Health Care coverage for their Part Time employees.  The ECT documented/reported that (Click Here) – the Fishwrap, of course…didn’t.  Shocking isn’t it.

One more thing…for our left-wing (minimum wage) supporting ECT readers…  CEO Rob Katz…is a registered, Democrat.

Jus’ Sayin…


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  1. If you don’t get enough sweets this holiday weekend, read this week’s issue of Barron’s (copies at Avon and Vail libraries), which features a loverly profile of Mr. Katz of the People’s Republic of Boulder. He drives a Porsche — but has a Tesla on order (who doesn’t??). He has basically the same pedigree as former VRI CEO Adam Aron, a hardline party loyalist Democrat, who also did very well financially at the expense of we mountain folks. I fondly recall Aron (who was from Chicago, aka Berlin of the New World) forcing CDOT to accept the use of agent orange (magnesium chloride) along the I-70 corridor and especially Vail Pass and around town so the ski area’s marketing expenditures weren’t so much at the mercy of the weather, which, ironically, the ski resort makes worse for motorists by massive cloud seeding.

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