How did the rest of the Country – "See Us"?

by  Jimmy Olsen (photography)

OK…Eagle County, Colorado – How did the rest of our great Nation “see us” – Eagle County, Colorado this past weekend?  (December 6-7th 2014)

Well…the ECT photographer Jimmy Olsen…photographed the HDTV coverage that NBC provided their TV audience across the Nation.  Photos below from their TV coverage of the Sunday, December 7th 2014 Giant Slalom races at Beaver Creek, Colorado.

NBC’s Televised Backdrop?  Grouse Mountain (center-background)

Avon’s Town Center “WhatChaMaCallit” (foreground)


ECT doesn’t know what to call this televised “WhatChaMaCallit” in Avon.  Some Avon folks continue to refer to it as “the Avon Gallows”…If you look closely you can see the vertical print “Town Center”…so the ECT guesses that’s just where the Town Gallows were…in the old West…in Avon, Colorado.  Others might describe as “something found on the floor” in Lilliput – during Gulliver’s Travels stumbling across their Watchmakers Floor….The best bet might be to turn this photo over to Alex Trebeck and his Jeopardy contestants to see if they can identify it for the rest of us…Double Jeopardy indeed…

Meanwhile – Beaver Creek’s televised TV Image was much less confusing

Unmistakable image of the Raptors from their “Birds of Prey” downhill course…


How was the overall attendance at the Race Course in Beaver Creek – this past Sunday, December 7th 2014?  (PS – ECT recognizes Pearl Harbor Day 2015 – local Vets!)   Well…less than impressive from the Ski Racers…stands….To be fair though…once the over subscribed VVF/VIP lunch area finished serving…and the sunny weather returned…the stands became mostly FULL – especially when (congrats) Ted Ligety made his 2nd Giant Slalom Run – and finished first in that event!

Go Ted!


2 responses

  1. I thought the photos in this article were really good, however, I can’t believe you wrote “Happy Pearl Harbor Day to vets” in this article. How inappropriate.

    • Thanks for reading the ECT Ms. Joyce.
      ECT did not mean any harm…only to recognize our U.S. Military and it’s tremendous efforts to protect Liberty and the American way of life. ECT loves our Vet’s…you can do a search (top right) on the ECT and just search on the word veteran.

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