Eagle County’s Public School Year – About to change?

Reported to the ECT this past week….

Allegations that – our Eagle County Public School District is considering (a future change?) in our Public School Year – Calendar.

Allegations that…a new/very recent Public School District “survey” has been undertaken surveying School District employees…about “extending” the School District year….from August to June.  For a closer look at the proposed 2015-16 Calendar just (Click Here) to see a PDF copy of below – that you can “zoom in” on.

ECT found this Shocking:  ECT counted no less that “9 weeks off/holiday time for the proposed new Public School year!!!

A reasonable question to Eagle County Property Taxpayers – who work in our Private Sector:  Do YOU get 9 weeks paid “off time” during  your (12 month) Work year?

The ECT folks – would like to encourage Eagle County Property Taxpayers to think about that question – the next time our Public School District – proposes you need to pay even MORE Property Taxes on a future proposed Tax Increase for our Eagle County School District.

PS  – Merry Christmas to all our friends at our Eagle County Public School District.



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