Are these local people, "NUTS"?

by  Clayton Moore

For over a decade these otherwise (well intentioned) people are trying to continue to promote a FAILED and still FAILING business model.

They’re known collectively as the so called “Eagle Air Alliance” a group that has for years promoted the model that if “we just continue to throw money at Commercial Airlines into the Eagle County Regional Airport – things are bound to get better”.

They’re not.

Every reasonable person we know – has no problem with “making a good investment” with our Tax money.  Fact is:  After over a decade of trying – the Commercial Airlines coming into KEGE – just want MORE flight guarantees and subsides.

It’s time to call and end to this nonsense.

It gets worse.

Now these same folks want to propose a new Eagle County wide “sales tax increase” – so that they don’t have to continue beg for annual handouts to keep their failed business model – afloat.

Hence why the ECT believes some of them have a (how should we say – a screw loose)

Exhibit A –

EGE-AlianceLet’s get this straight for Mr. Flaum – of Eagle County’s (largest by sales by volume) Real Estate company.  Why does he believe – Eagle County can be made better- by having everyone in Eagle County pay more in Sales Tax – so his company can enjoy the direct (disproportionate) benefits of having more taxpayer subsidized flights – so his well-heeled Resort Real Estate customers (1% ers??) can fly into KEGE instead of Denver?  He wants ALL Eagle County taxpayers to support – his (Eagle Air Alliance) agenda – on this (proposed?) new Ballot Tax question?

Where does the ECT stand on this issue?

Answer:  With the hard working Men, Women and Families that live here in Eagle County.  That’s who.  Some working more than just (1) job – to be able to afford to raise their family here. 

News Flash, Mr. Flaum!  These folks care much more about their child’s Public School Education than subsidizing Flights into KEGE – for your well-heeled customers that may be considering buying some of your overpriced, resort Real Estate!  Ditto for you Mr. Tim Baker)

Merry Christmas – Eagle Air Alliance – from the

We’ll see you next year, Eagle Air Alliance.  You can count on it.


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