Grow Pot? – Then Lose your Internet Connection…

by  Clayton Moore

It’s True.  It’s happening close by today.

If you grow Pot, and you are using (certain brands) of “Grow Lights” you are probably putting your Comcast Cable Modem/Internet connection – at risk of “termination” by Comcast.

It turns out “certain brands” of Grow Lights are introducing “electrical noise” that can have an adverse effect on the Comcast Cable plant in your area.  That noise can (and has) knocked several home and business Cable Modems “off line” and rendering them unusable for a business or home Internet user.

Unnamed sources at Comcast have reported to the ECT that this particular technical issue (noisy Grow Lights) – is happening all to frequently to Comcast customers in downtown Breckenridge, Colorado today…(16DEC2014)  Particularly during the evening hours…

Amateur Radio organization (ARRL) recently reported (Click Here) to the FCC some of these “Grow Lights” are indeed illegal because they do not meet “low emission” specifications required by the FCC under Section 18.307(C)  of the FCC Rules.


If you go back and review the verbiage in your Comcast Internet Service Agreement you will find words to the effect – that if you (even inadvertently) do something to harm or impeded the performance or normal operation of Comcast’s Cable Plant…your Internet service is at risk of being terminated.

DISCLAIMER:  ECT does not know if the Grow Lights being advertised in the Fishwrap (below) are FCC compliant or not.


What the ECT does know is that the Grow Lights are required to have an FCC sticker on the light and with “FCC compliance information” with the sticker as well.

Merry Christmas from Comcast Internet Services

ComcastAn unnamed source at Comcast told the ECT last week that “this is the 12th Speed increase in 13 years”.  Referring to the “free” (read: no additional charge) to Comcast’s Home Internet (read: cable modem) customers that has been implemented over the last (2) weeks in Eagle County, Garfield County and Summit County’s.  (12DEC-19DEC2014).  You’ll also need what is called a DOCSIS v3.0 cable modem, a DOCSIS v2.0 modem wont give you the additional performance now at ~50-60MB down and about 12MB up.  That’s a huge Internet speed.  Yes, look on the bottom of your cable modem it will show you if you have a DOCSYS v2 or v3 modem.

Unfortunately – it’s Ebenezer Scrooge that is in charge of the Comcast Business Class Internet Speeds – where NO ADDITIONAL SPEED INCREASE has been made available to the Comcast Business Class customers.  Only Comcast home users.  Bah Humbug!!! says the ECT folks to the Scrooge in charge of Comcast’s Business Class – Internet Speeds!

Contact the ECT if you have any further questions.


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