Reality Check – Branding in Avon?

by  Jimmy Olsen photography

ECT thought it was a good time for a HUMOROUS – Reality Check for the Avon folks – and their efforts at ‘Branding in Avon’.

First what Avon’s leadership is trying to sell to you – and want you to believe…


Reality Check – Unquestionably Avon’s newest and largest Commercial Real Estate Project – is the new Wyndham – planned opening – Christmas 2014.  It’s in the heart of Avon, just a few short steps from Avon’s Westin – and the Gondola there.

The obvious question?  If Avon is so good its own Branding than why would an International Hotel/Vacation Rental company want to market themselves as in “Beaver Creek” – when they’re actually in Avon?  Well Mayor…it has happened on your watch…


Avon’s “Town Center”?  Well that’s what their structure claims…ECT still hasn’t found anyone – that knows – just what that thing is in the middle of this (structure?)  ECT’s best guess?  It’s a piece of space debris left over from the last time the Klingon and Romulan Empires tried to settle their differences in near Earth orbit.  What do you think?


Just Exactly when did Beaver Creek (Annex into Avon?)

Foolish us.  ECT thought the 2015 World Alpine Championships – were in Beaver Creek –   ECT thinks somebody forgot to tell the caretaker of Avon’s main round-a-bout…  What do you think?


Thanks primarily to the Fishwrap folks – here are a few other AVON FACTS – they’d really prefer – YOU NOT KNOW!

FACT:  The Sales Tax you now Pay in Avon’s Wal~Mart and Home Depot is HIGHER than the Sales Tax – that is paid in Beaver Creek!Avon-Walmart-Tax-9jul2014

How’s that?  As a result of the previous Mayor and Town Council’s direct negotiating with Avon’s Developer Traer Creek – the Sales Tax Rate is now at 9.549% – they called it a FEE in the Lawsuit Settlement documents – so as to avoid the Public Vote on this that Colorado TABOR requires.  Cute, HUH?

From there of course this same Town Council went on to announce to Avon Taxpayers a $2 Million Dollar cost OVERUN on their (currently under construction) Music Pavilion by the lake in Avon…

Upcoming?  Yes, thanks to a small group of Avon Patriots – Avon Registered Voters will be able to vote (your Ballot in the U.S. Mail to you – ~5JAN2015) so you can vote on whether you agree to have your Private Avon property attached to Millions more in Avon long Term Debt – via Avon’s 2% RETT.

More information coming soon on that January 2015 topic!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the ECT’s friends on Avon’s Town Council!

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