Vail’s Sun Dog – Part II – Early AM – December 27th 2014

by  Jimmy Olsen Photography

Location:  Top of Vail Mountain – at Ski Patrol HQ’s- 11,250ft….~8:50AM

It’s called a “Sun Dog” – And it Really Looked like this!

There were no tricky camera optics involved – Vail’s tough skiers that braved the sub-zero temps on Vail Mountain that morning were treated to an unusual Morning Optical effect called a Sun Dog by the National Weather Service (Click Here).


This this the 2nd time this year that the ECT folks caught a Sun Dog in the Sky (Click Here)

The Sun Dog persisted for about 1/2 hour that Saturday Morning as the ice crystals in the atmosphere gave us this unusual morning optical effect.  The Sun Dog as seen over Vail’s China Bowl about 9:15AM that morning.  It really, really looked just like that.  There were several eye-witnesses on Vail Mountain that morning – that can attest to that fact!




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