Happy New Year! – From your Eagle County School District

by  Clayton Moore

How does our Eagle County School District (your elected School Board and Staff) wish everyone a Happy New Year 2015?

OK – the ECT will show you!

Happy 2015 Mill Levy increase!  To be applied against your Eagle County Property’s Assessed Value to determine your 2015 Property Taxes – owed to our Public School District.  (Click Here) or on the graphic below – for the ECSD Board – Meeting Minutes, Page 3 (below) is what you’ll be interested in…


FACT:  Our ECSD “Staff” added this request/recommendation to our School Board as a “Consent Agenda” item – which are items in a School Board meeting – that traditionally required “no discussion” and are routinely passed/voted on by “voice vote” of the elected School Board members present.

Above from the December 15th 2014 – scheduled School Board meeting.

ECT Questions:

1.)  Why hasn’t the Fishwrap – reported this?  (oh yeah, they’re the Fishwrap – what do you expect?)

2.)  EC School District – Superintendent – Dr. Jason Glass – somehow (forgot?) to mention this Mill Levy increase his weekly Column in the Fishwrap.  Imagine that.  perhaps early Alzheimer’s Dr. Glass?

3.)  Our current ECSD Board President (Ms. Jeanne McQueeney) has “Publically Stated” (Click Here) that she will Resign her elected Position on our School Board (before) being sworn in (this January 2015) as your next Eagle County Commissioner.

Ms. McQueeney the ECT will be happy to publish online, your (soon to be penned?) ECSD resignation letter.

Please let the ECT know what that letter is available.



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