Why Avon’s Government – Can’t be Trusted

by  Clayton Moore

Why Vote “NO” on Avon’s January 2015 Ballot?

Answer:  Because you can’t trust Avon’s City Council to represent YOUR interests.

FACT:  Avon’s January 2015 (Special Election) is being held because of a “grass roots” Referendum/Petition organized by a few patriotic Avon (property owners/taxpayers).

FACT:  Your untrustworthy Avon City Council tried to “side step” your TABOR Rights and “ram this multi-million dollar purchase” through by using a legal process called “certificates of participation”, where the citizen responsible to pay the debt – don’t get to vote.  The Avon Citizens Referendum – returned that Right to Vote – back to the Avon Voters!  Thank you Avon Petition Circulators and Petition Signers.

FACT:  There is NOTHING in the specific Avon Ballot Language – that limits the Avon Government SPENDING!


FACT:  The Avon Music Pavilion/Stage has an existing $2 Million Dollar – COST OVERRUN!  This Ballot Language allows Avon’s Government UNLIMITED SPENDING – simply by issuing more “Certificates of Participation” to cover any additional costs!  Do you Trust your Avon Government?

This Ballot Language offers NO PROTECTION for the Avon Taxpayer!

Now Consider Avon’s Ordinance – 14-17 (Click Here)

FACT:  The total DEBT levied against your Avon Property (via RETT) is $12,500,000.00 just for the Skier Building – over the next 25 years!  What about the already existing $2 Million Dollar cost OVERRUN on the Avon Music Stage/Pavilion – that is also secured by RETT against your Avon Property?

Why can’t you Trust the Avon’s Government?

Answer:  Because the (Mayor’s, City Council and Town Managers) so called “fact sheet” (Click Here) does not (document, specifically) this $12,500,000.00 DEBT figure the Avon Taxpayers are responsible for!

FACT:  Where does this Avon Taxpayer Money come from?  It comes from Avon’s (2% RETT – Real Estate Transfer Tax) – that is MUCH HIGHER than any other area near Avon – (except Beaver Creek’s RETT) (Click Here)  To See how much higher your Avon RETT compares to other Eagle County Towns and neighborhoods.

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  1. You should look into the corruption involved in the town of gypsum and its approval of a project in cotton ranch known as the villages

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  2. A few years ago, with great fanfare, Avon touted a new underground snowmelt system that would be installed around the rec center-to-firehouse area. It would use heat generated by the malodorous waste treatment facility south of the lake. I believe the state even gave a grant for some of the work because it was to be eco-friendly. Construction impeded foot traffic for months in the area and was significant in scope. But over the past couple years, I haven’t seen any melting snow or clear walkways in that area. (The Avon library’s snow/ice-free entrance and sidewalks are a different matter as that system was part of the facility’s construction by the district, not the town.) Did I overlook something from the rah-rah guys at the Vail Daily [Worker] and now even Business Briefs about what happened to this $2 million-plus project?

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