Avon’s – Tax Abuse Against Homeowners

by  Clayton Moore

Your Avon property may not be worth $21,950,000.00 – however at Avon’s 2% RETT – your property is still being (Tax) Abused in Avon today!

Avon’s Voters – have their January 2015 Ballot – that asks them to allow $12,500,000.00 of (RETT- Real Estate Transfer Tax) to be spent on a “Building for Avon Bureaucrats” also known by some as the so called “Skier Building”.

That $12.5 Million figure includes the Purchase Price, Interest expense and the Projected costs of the Building Remodel.

Why would a person be motivated to buy a home in Avon’s affluent “Mountain Star” neighborhood?

Certainly not because of Avon’s 2%  – Real Estate Transfer Tax.

(below is a current listing in Avon – January 2015)


2% to Buy in Avon + 2% to Sell/leave Avon = 4% of your property’s value.

4% here = $878,000.00  which turns out to be = 7% of the $12.5 Million that Avon Bureaucrats want to spend.

Is Avon Town Manager (Virginia Egger) and the rest of Avon’s City Council – prepared to put the Name of the new Mountain Star purchaser on a Brass Plaque – on the side of her new office building?

Avon’s current 2% RETT is NOT competitive – when compared to other Neighborhoods surrounding Avon.

The best chance Avon’s citizens have of making the Town’s RETT more competitive – is to Vote “NO” on your January Ballot.




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