Is Vail Honeywagon – Playing Fair – with their Customers?

ECT Reports – You Decide

Dateline:  January 2015 – Eagle County, Colorado

Local Eagle County company:  Vail Honeywagon – Locally owned by the Donovan Family for many years.

ECT like most of our readers – ECT prefers to support local businesses where and when we can.  Hence, the ECT folks are Vail Honeywagon customers and have been for (many+1) years…

The question today the ECT asks – is Vail Honeywagon playing fair?

Case in Point –  this quarters residential Trash Bill –


While many of us have noticed and enjoyed the lower Fuel costs we’re paying at the Gas Pump over the last several weeks…apparently the news of Reduced Fuel costs – has not reached Vail Honeywagon.

Proof?  OK – look at the Vail Honeywagon Bill Totals for last year….


Do you notice any reduction (even a small one) in the price the ECT (and you?) pay?

The ECT folks called Vail Honeywagon last week to learn what (if any) plans Vail Honeywagon to reduce the “Fuel Surcharge” they added to all our bills when Fuel costs started their climb up to $4.00+ a gallon…

Honeywagon’s Answer?  – a mish-mash of uncertainty and non-answer,  then a phone transfer to (current owner) Matt Donovan’s voicemail.

GRANTED:  We’re not talking about a lot of money (per residential trash hauling bill).

ECT’s POINT:  Our concerns centered on Fair Play to the Customer.  If Honeywagon needs to cover their increased Fuel/Transportation costs (when Fuel went to $4.00/gallon) then why don’t we see a a Fuel Charge (reduction) reflected in their most recent Bill when Fuel costs have been dropping significantly for weeks?

ECT is happy to print a public response from Vail Honeywagon – anytime.  Just let the ECT folks know.

In the meantime – does anyone know what Honeywagon competitor – Waste Management (Fuel Surcharge) is?


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