Time to Ask the Right Questions – Avon!

by  Clayton Moore

The difference between Good Governance vs. Bad Governance can be exposed by looking at the questions – your elected officials are willing to ask – and answer.

The proposed total purchase price (including projected remodel costs and Interest payments) for the “Building for Bureaucrats” also known as the (Skier Building) is $12,500,000.00 – per Avon’s Ordinance “14-17”.  (Click Here)

The $12.5 Million Dollar Taxpayer money is supposed to come from (25 years) of Avon’s 2% (RETT – Real Estate Transfer Tax) that is legally attached to all Property in Avon.  Avon folks pay (2%) of their Property’s value (to buy into Avon) and another (2%) paid at the time they sell and leave Avon.  Don’t forget the (6%) Real Estate Commission you’re likely to pay when selling your Avon Property.  Obviously, if your Avon property appreciates say (10%) over the (4-5 years?) you own it – you just break even on your Avon Property “Investment”.

The KEY question for Avon Voters and Property Owners is this!

What is the real “investment value” – to you Avon Resident/Property Owner/Voter, if your Town spends $12,500,000.00 of your Tax Money on a Building for Avon’s Bureaucrats?

Is this proposed multi-million dollar Avon Building expenditure likely to…

1 –  Increase Commerce for say…(Roger Benedict’s Carpet business in Avon, Jim Pavelich’s North Side Café Restaurant…provoke more shopping at Avon’s Wal~Mart and Home Depot?  (this list is endless)

2 –  Cause an increase in Lodging Reservations at Avon’s Christy Lodge, Avon Center, The Westin, the new Wyndham?

3 – Help Avon PD – improve Public Safety in the Town?

4 – Help improve the Schools in Avon – for our children’s Education?

5 – Increase overall Avon Property Values – both Residential and Commercial?

The answer to these questions is OBVIOUS for any objective and rational person.

Why isn’t Avon’ City Council – even willing to discuss this proposed purchase in the context of an “Investment for Avon Taxpayers”?

Answer:  Because they can’t.  This proposed expenditure does nothing to help improve Avon’s “Quality of Life” (at large) in any way.

Join us and the rest of the rational and reasonable voters in Avon – and VOTE “NO” on Avon’s Ballot this month.


2 responses

  1. Clayton, your transfer tax scenarios are not quite accurate. While there is a tax at the time of a sales transaction, it is customarily split between buyer and seller. It is a negotiable item in the transaction and is usually split equally. Thus, your scenarios whereby a buyer and seller pay 2% are inflated by 2%. Typically, a buyer and seller pay 1% each.

  2. Mike – you’re a confused individual.
    Perhaps the ECT can help.
    All real property in Avon has a 2% RETT attached. Period.
    This reduces the value of that Avon Property (Personal/Commercial) because Avon homeowners have to compete in the Housing/Commercial market near Avon.
    Your argument based on “customarily split between…” does NOTHING to change the facts above.
    The Town of Avon has attached any all real Property to their 2% RETT. Nothing in your argument changes that fact. Avon doesn’t care “who pays it” just that someone does.
    The discussion in Avon…needs to be “how can we reduce Avon’s RETT down to 1% from the 2% today”.

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