Down in our Valley – January 18th 2015

by  Clayton Moore

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day – to all our friends who have the Day off on Monday.

This photo may look almost like a kind of (race track?) in the center of our photo – however what is really is – is the FUTURE of Avon.  The Large, Vacant Land between the Wal~Mart in the East and Avon’s Chapel Square at the west end of this huge tract of land.  In the next 3-5 years when Avon Developer Traer Creek – develops this land – the “center” of Avon will inevitably and unquestionably move there.  Don’t be fooled Avon Voters – by the local charlatans trying to sell you an overpriced “skier building” in a forgotten corner of Avon – if this were Brooklyn, NY no doubt these same folks would be trying to sell you Avon Taxpayers an overpriced Bridge as well…


One response

  1. Really hard to believe that Traer Creek will develop that land soon. What should go there? Employing housing would be good, but that will never happen. And the valley definitely does not need more empty big box stores.

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