Former Avon Mayor – Rich Carroll’s – Problem – Telling the Truth

by Clayton Moore

Avon’s former Mayor – Rich Carroll – has trouble telling the Truth – ECT will prove it. 

Bill Clinton – “I did not have sex with that woman!”

Barack Obama – “If you like your plan; you can keep your plan”.

Former Avon Mayor – Rich Carroll – “I want to thank Council for putting it on the Ballot”

FACT:  It was a small group of “grass roots” Avon Patriots who “put the question of financing the Skier Building” – on the Avon Ballot.  (Click Here)


FACT:  By organizing and conducting a legal Referendum with a Avon Petition to put this Question on the Ballot for Avon voters.  (Photo)

FACT:  When the Petition Signatures where turned into Avon Clerk – Debbie Hoppe and Ms. Hoppe determined there were enough signatures – Clerk Hoppe issued a legal document called “Certificate of Sufficiency”.  Once that document was legally issued – the question was then “put on the ballot”.  The only thing the Avon Council could do after that – was to decide “what day” the election would be held in Avon – consistent with the timing required by Colorado State Statue. (Photo – Avon Clerk Debbie Hoppe – Avon Police Chief – Robert Ticer – Avon Resident, USMC Veteran – David Stranjord – submitting Petition Signatures to Clerk Hoppe)

FACT:  It was former Mayor Rich Carroll’s Council that negotiated the sales price for the Skier Building – in secret with NO public input.  It was Rich Carroll and his Council (some members still serving today) that decided to use a legal dodge called “Certificates of Participation” that sidesteps TABOR and doesn’t allow Taxpayers to vote on the proposed multi-million dollar expenditure!

It wasn’t until the successful Avon Referendum – had their “Certificate Of Sufficiency”

– was that Tax issue – put on the Avon Ballot.

Here is former Avon Mayor – Rich Carroll making public statements on par – with Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.


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