From the Office of the Eagle County, Colorado – Assessor

by Clayton Moore

Don’t worry.  You’re getting yours via U.S. Mail during the first Week in May 2015.

Per Colorado State Statute – Our Eagle County Assessors office will be mailing your (most recent) private Property Valuation this May.  This (every two years) Valuation determines – the Value of your Property – that is used to calculate your Eagle County Property Taxes for the next (2) years…till the next Valuation.

Here is the ECT’s report from our conversation with the Office of the Assessor – last week.

1 – Look out…if you own Property or Land in Eagle/Gypsum and, or Basalt/El Jebel.

Why?  History has shown that those areas had the highest (devaluation) after the Eagle County Construction/Recession hit hard a few years ago.  Most of Eagle County’s home foreclosures where in that geography – from a few years ago.

That Real Estate market has recovered over the past couple of year – and by far the largest increase in Property Valuations – will come from this geography…

2 –  Cordillera Property Values struggle.  Overall Real Estate sales in Cordillera (both north/south sides of I-70) continues at a sluggish rate…(comparatively speaking).  This fact makes it much harder for the Assessor Office – to gage and assess Property Values (vacant Cordillera land included) because of a relatively (few) home sales over the 18-24 month period.  Bottom Line?  It’s next to impossible to sell a home in Cordillera for (top dollar) compared to the market – 7-8 years ago.  If you don’t own any property in Cordillera you’re trying to sell today – you can be glad…

3 – The Fishwrap folks and (some Realtors) continue to exaggerate the overall condition of Eagle County’s Real Estate market.  Yes, there are some “bright spots of real estate activity” however it’s not enough to draw conclusions of the condition of our (over all) Real Estate market.  Yes, the market is better today – than it was ~2 years ago…it is certainly not “zooming”.  Just ask the folks selling in Cordillera…

4 –  The one place in Eagle County you can always buy and sell is a (good condition) 2-3 bedroom Condo – in Eagle Vail.  That location between Vail and Beaver Creek is very reliable for Sales and a solid value if the Property there is well kept…

5 –  There is a reasonable amount of activity for property in Vail – on the market for just under $1 Million.  There is a lot of inventory (East and West Vail) and for home there priced under a Million – there’s activity from interested buyers.


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