From the Street

Eagle County Open Space proponents won a battle recently…at least for now.

Eagle’s proposed “Eagle River Station” is not going to happen – in terms of what was developer Trinity/REDs original plan for that vacant land next to I-70, east of Eagle.

Internet “e-Tailing” (read: Amazon) has forever changed how the Retail Store market works and is profitable in today’s Internet savvy world.  Most of what you can buy from Amazon – can be delivered to home or work in (2) days after you order it – if you join the Amazon Prime ($99.00/year) membership club.  Obviously depending on how much you buy from Amazon…this can be a really good deal – because all Amazon Prime purchases “ship 2 day free” – all covered by  your $99.00 per year.

What will Eagle River Station look like in the years to come?

Will Eagle River Station ever have a new I-70 exit and exchange?

Today no one knows for sure.

Rebranded by the ECT! 

Henceforth he who was once self described as “Ye Olde Publisher” shall now be permanently referred to here at the ECT as “Ye Olde Bloviator”.  Consider yourself fortunate if you did not attend the last Avon Town Council meeting (last Tuesday) as “YOB” went on a 10+ minute Rant at the Podium on subjects – no one cared about, save “YOB”.

YOB encouraged all Avon Voters to vote “yes” this Tuesday resulting in THEIR property being attached to the 25 year – $12.5 Million Dollar Debt they’re voting on in Avon –this Tuesday.

YOB – “forgot” to mention during his rant – that he doesn’t own any property in Avon – that is at Risk of this new Tax Lien on the Avon Ballot.

YOP – also “forgot” to mention that his current (newspaper?) BusinessBriefs has been busy selling “paid print advertising” – to the Town of Avon – who advertises in his paper.  (Click Here)  Are YOB’s “political agenda & endorsements” being driven by who pays him to run Ads?  You decide.  The ECT just reports, and documents the facts.


The Colorado Court of Appeals – gave Private Property owners in Vail (read: Vail Golf Course Lawsuit plaintiffs) some positive news last week.  (Click Here) to read the Appellate Courts Ruling overturning the Eagle County District Court Judge that ruled in the Town of Vail’s favor – initially.

The Vail Golf Course litigation and lawsuit continues…the latest round going to the Vail Homeowners that own property around the 18th green of the Vail Golf Course.

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