Vail Honeywagon – Follow up from last week

Last week – the ECT folks questioned the so called “Fuel Surcharge” found on all Bills sent by Vail Honeywagon to their Customers.

(Click Here) to reach last weeks story.

ECT reader/contributor “Ms. Kim” sent an email back to the ECT on what Kim learned from Vail Honeywagon…

Message: In response to your blog about Vail Honeywagon fuel surcharges.
1. $0.17 per gallon is added to the cost of our diesel over “Costco” diesel because of the winter additives for anti-gelling, and lubrication because of the low sulfur content
2. diesel fuel has not dropped as much as gas because demand has remained higher because diesel is used as Heating oil in much of the Eastern US
3. WM and Republic Waste, the 2 largest waste haulers each $13B and $8B gross revenue have fuel surcharges that are 15.11% and 14.57% respectively ours is 3.58%
4. diesel rates change in a smaller percentage to the price of oil than does gas because diesel has a higher refining cost and more distribution cost source US Energy Information Administration a government agency

Thanks Ms. Kim for reading the ECT and with your follow-up information from Vail Honeywagon…


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