Avon – When "NO" means "NO"

by Clayton Moore

History was made in Avon, Colorado last week.

Their first ever Election Referendum – where folks who voted, voted almost (2-1) that they DID NOT WANT – their Avon Property – attached to a $12.5 Million dollar, 25 year Loan – known as a (CoP’s) – Certificates of Participation…to pay for a “Skier Building – to house Town of Avon Bureaucrats (Photo).

Proponents of this fiscal insanity organized an official/legal “Political Action Committee” to promote this Avon purchase – including some stupid (and very ineffective) “Yes” campaign signs.

Curious isn’t it.  History made in Avon last week – yet not one mention of that FACT (read: election results) on Avon’s web site (Avon.org).  Now why do you suppose that is…


Meanwhile – Avon’s new ($2 Million Dollar cost overrun) Music Stage shows – just how likely it will be ready to use for (Audi) during the 2015 Ski Championships – starting exactly (1) week from today – February 2nd 2015.

Perhaps Avon Officials can claim it will be the first ever (Condom Covered Concert?) facility in Eagle County…Sheesh…can these Avon folks get anything, right?

ECT Reports – You Decide.


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