ECT’s – Person of the Week

When this young man –isn’t busy having Vail Parks and Pavilions named after him…

Or talking Trash with his son Matt…

Or raising daughters to become Colorado State Senators…

He’s busy (this week) teaching a Gondola car full of Australians – how to Ski Vail Mountain.

ECT is still not sure why John’s (center-right) Politics didn’t quite convince his daughter of the same outlook on life.  Probably has something to do with the Senators College education in South Bend, Indiana…or perhaps a disproportionate influence from her mother – Diana.

In any event – in the slang of your students – the ECT’s wishes John a “G’ Day Mate”

The ECT will catch you at Vendetta’s in Vail – next time!

PS – that small number on the bottom of John’s name tag – it says 1963…


One response

  1. Who is this Guy? Just connect the HUGE Dots!

    Vail Ski Instructor John Donovan = Donovan Park and events Pavilion, Vail.

    Son, Matt – Owner and now son Runs – Vail Honeywagon – local Trash company…that John started.

    Our current Colorado State Senator – daughter – Kerry Donovan (D) District 5.


    Long time Vail Council member – his wife – Diana Donovan…(big time, left-wing liberal)

    Meet at Vendetta’s Bar and Restaurant (Bridge Street) in Vail? Yes, in the 60’s it was called “Donovan’s”

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