Avon Council welcomes the 2015 Championship – with World Class Signage

by  Jimmy Olsen Photography

As the Avon Town Council prepares to “Welcome the World” tomorrow – the ECT folks thought you’d – like to see what Avon’s (Apres in Avon?) 2015 Guests are going to see and experience – coming from all over the World to visits us – for about 2 weeks this February.

Avon’s New so called “Pedestrian Mall” (photo below) – apparently timed to coincide with your Pedestrian “15 Minutes of Fame”.  Mall planners and designers have neglected adding any new Public Parking for their Mall – causing a flurry of Private Sector Business to get very, very territorial with the use of their Parking Lots – located all around this so called “Pedestrian Mall”.


Avon’s Alpine Bank, joins US Bank, along with the Avon Center and Avon Liquor – in Welcoming the World – with their own unique “Word Class Signage”.  No doubt our World visitors will be fascinated with Avon’s Municipal Code – Section 5.12


Avon’s new Music Pavilion – (remember the $2 Million Dollar Cost Overrun on this?) suggests just how ready the Avon Stage will be for start of the 2015 World Championships…just (9) days from the date of this Photo.


Avon’s central problem is centered on its Town Manager -Virginia Egger.  Egger has “loaded up” Avon’s Town employment with Event Planners and not Town Planners.  And it shows.

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