2015? These International folks never heard of us…

2015?  Say What?  Say Where?

For those of you wondering (look closely at the sand…) the folks recently visiting this Caribbean Beach – frankly never heard of us (Beaver Creek)…nor our 2015 World Championship Ski Races…

True, this sandy beach is located at a favorite International Resort – where American tourists mingle with the French, the Brits, Canadians, Argentinians, Mexicans, Germans and assorted other nationalities.  Nobody at this Resort – had a clue about their respective Countries Alpine Ski Racing Team…save a few Americans.  In any event, one lone American marked the opening day of the 2015 World Championship – with a quick message left in the Sand.  After that beach messaging – it was time for another – afternoon Catamaran Sail off the beach – into the warm Caribbean ocean.



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