Media Pin of the Championships!

What can the ECT say?  Well…this is our favorite Media Pin of the 2015 Championships!

A real collectors item if you ask us!  Commemorating the Triumph of Paid Print Advertising – over Investigative Reporting and Journalistic Accuracy…


Here is a case in point from last week – Feb. 2015:


40,000 Readers a Day?  Really?  ECT doesn’t think so…

U.S. Census Bureau says…their most recent estimate (2013) is 52,460 people living in Eagle County, Colorado.  Just (Click On) the graphic below to go to that U.S. Census Bureau web page…


1 – Consider the FACT that:   Eagle County Citizens living in (Basalt and El Jebel) live in the Roaring Folk River Valley – they’ll most likely read the Aspen Times and/or the Glenwood Springs, Post Independent, RIGHT?

2 – Now consider the population of all our Eagle County, Elementary School Kids…a very small portion of kids that might read the Fishwrap…

3 – Now consider Eagle County’s growing Population of folks that don’t call English their first language…

4 – To be FAIR – some of the folks that read the Fishwrap don’t live here (may own property here) and read it (online) because they can…How many of those folks are reading the Fishwrap every day?

ECT believes it is far more likely that, “40,000 readers a day” – spans THE ENTIRE (Swift Communications – VD Parent Company) newspaper geography of Eagle County, Summit County, Garfield and Pitkin Counties (combined).


Part 2 UPDATE:   Little Chance of this Colorado story being reported locally – so the ECT will link you to the Denver Post story – Just (Click On) the graphic below to go to the Denver Post story….


One more thing, Don – we do like our Media Pin (above) they Best!

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