The Politics of Parking

by  Clayton Moore

The Interesting part – is the part local Politicians and Town Managers…are not telling you…

What you know:  Public Parking in and around our Resort Areas – is far, far from perfect.  If you can find Parking – it’s usually too expensive and where it’s (free) there’s usually not enough of it.

Here is what they’re not willing to tell you…

FACT:  Credit due to Avon Developer Traer Creek’s whose land and local (free) parking made the 2015 World Championships “accessible” for most folks who arrived in their cars to visit and spectate at the Races in Beaver Creek.  Local Buses were used to move folks from this HUGE Avon Parking lot (on Traer Creek’s Land – east of Chapel Square).


This (free) Public Parking arrangement was put together with Traer Creek and folks from the Beaver Creek Resort Company (to a lesser extent – with the Vail Valley Foundation) and did not involve the Town of Avon (Administrators nor Avon City Council!)

Amazingly the Press Release from the Town of Avon (about Parking for the 2015 Championships) – didn’t even MENTION that the Public could Park (for free) at this HUGE LOT in Avon!  Why Not, Avon Town Manager Ms. Virginia Egger?  Proof?  (Click Here)

Keep in Mind:  that after the Lawsuit between (Avon & Traer Creek) was finally settled (Fall 2014) – right after that the Town of Avon – was Sued by Hoffmann Commercial Real Estate – over the design their Chapel Square Shutters – that was disapproved (Fall 2014) by Avon’s P&Z.

The Bottom Line:  There is HUGE room for improvement in the way Avon’s Town Manager and Avon’s City Council manage their business relationships with the business players – that own a lot of property in Avon.

Don’t forget the Avon Voter Referendum that was also provoked by a City Council that continues to have trouble listening to Avon Voters.

In a recent “Our View” written by the Fishwrap folks…they didn’t even mention Traer Creek in their (credit where credit is due?) column.  Of course the local organizations that buy the Fishwrap’s Paid Print Advertising – were and are regularly mentioned.  VVF, Beaver Creek Resort Company, Town of Avon…but rarely…the largest land owner in Avon – Traer Creek.

All you have to do – is look at the free Parking at Traer Creek’s Wal~Mart and Home Depot t0 see – the Traer Creek folks – understand adequate Public Parking.  It’s something to keep in mind as Traer Creek’s (east Avon) land gets developed over the next few years.  There can be little doubt that Avon’s future “core” will be on Traer Creek’s land.

Another reason why it makes sense to have the 2015 Racing Events in Beaver Creek?

Well you’re looking at it – Vail simply can’t handle this amount of (free) Public Parking – Vail doesn’t have the available land in Town…



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