Après in Avon? He’s their Report Card

by  Clayton Moore

For the two weeks of the 2015 World Alpine Ski Championships – the Town of Avon (budgeted) $225,000.00 for this event.  (Click Here)

So, using Avon’s 4% Sales Tax figure…the amount of additional/incremental business in the Town of Avon (for those two February 2015 weeks) would have to be – $5,625,000.00 to (break even) for that expense at 4%, RIGHT?

Is there any doubt that the Town of Avon got no where near that $5.6 Million dollar figure?

Job Creation:  Yes, new jobs were created during those two weeks.  The new jobs created were for Parking Lot Attendants – hired to protect the Commercial Parking lots near the Après in Avon – afternoon events.  If you were not a Business owner or customer coming to Park and visit one of the local business – you were summarily – chased away by these new Avon Parking Attendants!

Local Signage Businesses:  Received a windfall of new Signage orders!  It was easy new business for the Signage folks to accommodate, since the message printed on all those news signs – was always the same!


Situated at the west end of Avon’s so called new (pedestrian mall – the Après events epicenter) – is the Avon Public Library – part of the Eagle Valley Library District.


Local Entrepreneurs:   Wasted no time setting up their new Event Parking businesses for the two weeks of Après in Avon.  Plywood sales at the local Home Depot also saw an uptick.


FACT:  Did you know the Town of Avon – has trouble complying with their own LAWS?  It’s true, the Town of Avon (forgot?) to issue themselves a Town of Avon PERMIT for the AMPLIFIED MUSIC that was played on stage in the afternoon!  That’s a fact.

Make sure if YOUR future Amplified Music event in Avon has the necessary (and legally required) Permit – or you can count on a ticket/fine (and possibly a Municipal Court date) from the Town of Avon.  Just ask Avon’s Ms. Danita Dempsey – a very nice lady by the way…

Looking Ahead:  This Event Parking disaster is only getting started in Avon.  Once Avon’s new Music Pavilion (you remember – the Avon Pavilion with the $2 Million Dollar cost overrun) gets started later this year…the disastrous Public Parking problem in Avon – will continue to get worse.


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