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Did you know that…

Last week (9-13FEB2015) the Eagle County Republicans (Central Committee) held an election for a new Eagle County GOP – Chairman.

It’s true.  The incumbent EC GOP Chairman (Ms. Kaye Ferry) was in a race with (just one) other candidate – none other than (YOB – Ye Old Bloviator) formerly known here as Ye Old Publisher.  Yup, that’s Michael.

Turns out…some GOP Central Committee members voting “wanted change” in the leadership at the local GOP party.  Kaye kept her seat as EC GOP Chairman, barely.  Approximate vote totals were about (23 vs. 17).

A need for Change?  Gee…the ECT folks can’t figure out why?  After all the Eagle County GOP Election Results (November 2014) – showed a 100% improvement over the local GOP’s election results – from the previous County election (November 2012).

A total of (2) local GOP candidates were elected in Eagle County during November 2014.  Sheriff James Van Beek (R) and Eagle County Surveyor – Ted Archibeque (R).

In November 2012 the single, lone Republican Elected in Eagle County, Colorado – was Glenn Gallegos (R) elected as Eagle County’s “Regent of the University of Colorado – Congressional District 3”.  Fact is…every single Democrat that was on the Eagle County 2012 Ballot – won their elections in Eagle County.  Quite a record for the exemplary work of the EC GOP Chairman, wouldn’t you say, Kaye?

DISCLAIMER:  November 2014 – true, Eagle County Treasurer – Karen Sheaffer (R) was also re-elected – but “does not count” in our vote totals because Karen was running “unopposed” on that Ballot.



The ECT folks would like to congratulate – local Ski racer Mekaela Shiffrin – with her 2015 (women’s) Gold Medal in the Slalom event.  This in addition to Mekaela’s Olympic Gold Medal in the Women’s Slalom event at Sochi, Russia (2014). (photo credit – Denver Post)

Unquestionably, Mekaela’s success is the combination of an individuals excellent hard work and training, immense talent – and a solid, determined mental attitude toward the goal of winning.

That is…

Unless one were to ask the Fishwrap’s favorite Sunday columnist – the Rev. Jack van Ens…(if that is what his name really is).

Let’s ask the Fishwrap’s own Don Rogers – just why Rogers bothers  to print this guy’s uber, left-wing column, OK?

Dear Don – can we look forward to Jack’s column next week – where Jack explains to Mekaela – that her individual success – is all due to Mekaela’s “Government”?  (Mekaela will be 20 years old in 2015).  Why not include in next weeks Fishwrap an additional column from the Rev. Jeremiah Wright – Obama’s favorite preacher of (many+1) years.  ‘member him Don?  These ‘left-wing nuts’ can always find a home in the Fishwrap, where the combined newsroom IQ – still struggles to reach 100.  Liberalism Don, is the philosophy of the ‘weak minded’…and we’ll add the philosophy of the under achievers.


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