CitizenFour – Documentary on HBO Now (MAR2015)

by      Clayton insists…ECT can’t tell you everything we know…

Can you Trust your Federal Government?

What started under President Bush (post 9/11) – was expanded greatly under Obama.

Who was this Booz Allen Hamilton (Defense Contractor) stationed in our 50th State?  Even though he admitted to have only a TS level Security Clearance – he claims to have had access (his software job) to computer information – that was only suppose to be available to individuals with a much high Clearance.  Just (Click On) the graphic below.


Judging from the DoD information that he leaked…the ECT folks believe his claim.

If you want to get some understanding of the size and scope of (SIGINT) electronic surveillance our Federal Government is capable of today…you should watch this HBO Documentary this month (March 2015).

While the ECT folks can’t share everything we know – what we can tell you is this…ECT folks didn’t always live here in Eagle County, Colorado and we were cleared (years earlier) with DoD security clearances at least as high as Snowden’s…’nuff said.


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