Does our County – need another Music Venue?

by the fans of   Julie Andrews and Robert Preston

The ECT thinks it’s time to ask the Question.

Will our quality of life be increased if we add – one more Music Venue in Eagle County?

We suppose that depends on “who you ask”.

Consider…Bravo in Vail at the Ford Amphitheater, Hot Summer Nights, same Amphitheater, Street Beat, the front of Solaris from time to time, the Vilar Center in Beaver Creek, Avon’s new Music Pavilion on Nottingham Lake, Friday’s (FAC) during the summer at Wolcott’s Yacht Club, Outdoor – Eagle’s Music Pavilion, Gypsum Daze and their outdoor Music Pavilion, Minturn has an outdoor performance stage too – countless evening Music Venues…

Do we really require one more?


It’s almost getting to the point in Eagle County – where you can throw out your iPod and car stereo and just drive around Eagle County in the Summer – with your car windows rolled down…and hear some music somewhere – all the time.

“Not in My Backyard?”  Well…Maybe it’s time to re-read that abbreviated list above – and ask yourself “What’s already going on in your Front Yard”!

The ECT folks can handle a little more peace and quite around here.  It’s the quite time that helps us think.  The hills around here are already alive – with the Sound of Music…Sometimes even Mariachi Music too.  Olé!


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