New Development? Avon

by  Clayton Moore

Know where (Jim Pavelich’s) NorthSide Cafe is in Avon?  (photo)

Well…the northside of Jim’s Northside Cafe has a new Development Proposal (March 2015) in the works.IMG_0747

The approval process for this proposed new Development is just beginning in Avon – 2MAR2015.

The Players?   At a minimum – the Eagle River Fire Protection District (ERFPD), the Town of Avon and Healthcare Developer NexCore Group.  The site is at the corner of Avon’s Nottingham Road and Buck Creek Road – currently zoned in Avon as Parcel 1A & 1B.  ECT has been told that Parcel (1A) is owned by ERFPD and (1B) owned by a legal interest controlled by – local Oscar Tang’s family.

The current plan…is for a kind of “Public Safety/Facilities Building” that could house Avon PD and a new ERFPD Building (allegedly) big enough to house their big (Hook and Ladder Fire Truck) currently housed at the ERFPD building in Cordillera (south side of Rte. 6).  Also planned is some sort of “Medical Facilities/Office Building” by NexCore Group.

So…Just WHO pays for WHAT?

As always the “Beelzebub is in the Details”.  Those (cost? financing?) details are currently being worked out in a new IGA (InterGovernmental Agreement) that has not reached “Public Record” status – or you’d already be reading that (IGA) here at the ECT.

NexCore Group’s – Executive Managing Director Todd Varney – answered a few questions for an ECT contributor late last week (26FEB2015).

Q.)  Is NexCore Group (under the current proposal) the (General Contractor?) for this project?

[Todd Varney] NexCore Group is the owner and developer of the project.  We are currently working with Calcon as our prospective general contractor partner (26FEB2015). We will require our contractor to bid all sub trades to local and regional subcontractors to ensure the majority of the money stays within the community.

Q.) Does NexCore hire the Architect for the design of the Construction Project?

[Todd Varney] We also retain an architect to work with us on the design, but NexCore will oversee all aspects of the project as the owner and developer.

Q.)  Will NexCore own the (medical office building?) and (lease?) space to local doctors?

[Todd Varney] NexCore will own the medical facility and will lease space to physicians and medical providers who have an interest and meet the criteria to be a tenant in the facility.

Q.)  What level of medical services do you expect to be performed in your new Medical Facility?

[Todd Varney] As we are still under preliminary discussions with prospective tenants, I am not able to comment (26FEB2015) on the mix of specialties and associated medical services that will be contemplated for the building. 

Next up?  The ECT folks will review and present and critique their IGA as soon as it becomes Public Record.

Interested Parties are encouraged to attend the first Public Presentation of this proposed Development at Avon’s scheduled Planning and Zoning meeting – 5PM, Monday, March 2nd 2015 – Avon Town Hall.


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