KEGE – Airfares Yikes! From Eagle to Where?

by     the fans of Southwest Airlines

Last week the ECT folks visited the Eagle County Regional Airport online ( actually) to see what was up with (reasonable?) Airfares from our Airport.


ECT suspects a lot more folks are driving to Denver these days – to make their flights around the U.S.


Maybe it’s time to see if Southwest Airlines is interested in Flying into our Airport KEGE.  If the Watchdog “Flight Deals” are this high…there is little doubt Southwest could make a very good profit even at near these airfares.  Even a short flight to Las Vegas, NV (for two) is $888.00…now throw in some Airport fees and taxes…baggage fees and you’re at almost $1,000.00 – just to get there.  We all can drive there in about 8 1/2 hours on about (3) tanks of gas…

This Travel Tip Just in…from an ECT Reader – (8AM, Monday, March 9th 2015)

Clayton…. – Allegiant Airlines flies to Vegas twice a week from Grand Junction for extremely low fares!! (only problem is the $9 a day parking at GJ airport – helps to have a friend in or near Junction whom you can park with and who will drive you to the airport.) The airport is small, not crowded and very pleasant!!  (Click Here) to learn more


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