Brush Creek Bridge – Rte. 6 Eagle, Colorado

by   the ECT’s concern for Public Safety

Concern for Public Safety has always been a “Hot Button” here at the ECT.

The ECT’s Goal Here – is to bring the current condition of this Eagle County Bridge to the attention of both CDOT and Eagle County’s Road and Bridge department.

Bottom Line:  The ECT folks are not comfortable with the current (22MAR2015) safety condition of this Rte. 6 Bridge (over Brush Creek) between Eagle and Gypsum.

This Bridge is on the part of Rte. 6 – we all drive on to get to the Costco and Eagle County’s Regional Airport.

Any Reasonable Person – can insist that attaching a (protective guard rail) to a concrete barrier that is clearly in the process of decay – in an inherently UNSAFE thing to do.

How did things deteriorate to the point where a (highway safety professional?) thought it a good idea to even suggest bolting this guard rail to the concrete – as some sort of (temporary?) safety repair?


The ECT folks are not professionally qualified to articulate the current (22MAR2015) safety condition of the underneath concrete supports, that support the Steel I-Beams that constitute the bulk of this Bridge’s load bearing capability.  What concerns the ECT folks is – if this Bridge’s (support undercarriage) has been maintained as well as the Bridges concrete guard rail…maybe it’s time to encourage our Public School Bus Drivers (and everyone else) to consider using I-70 to get between Eagle and Gypsum…


Hopefully someone at both CDOT and Eagle County – Road and Bridge is willing to comment publically and advise the ECT and others of the current Safety Assessment – and their current (much needed) plan to improve it – this Spring 2015.



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  1. No worries re school buses Clayton–Colorado Cdot program, “Walk and Bike to School Colorado!”
    ” – Walk to School Colorado is a vision that communities create pedestrian and bicycle friendly neighborhoods where it is safe for all children to walk or bicycle to school … – ”
    The Denver Post – 05/06/2013 New State Law…
    A new state law that quietly moved through this year’s legislature gives cities and counties unprecedented freedom to spend tax dollars on transportation projects other than roads and bridges.

    This means communities for the first time can use their share of the $250 million pot of money made up of state fuel sales taxes and license plate fees — known as the Highway Users Tax Fund, or HUTF — on bike and pedestrian lanes and bridges …The law, signed by Gov. John Hickenlooper on April 26, also bypasses constitutional restrictions on how the 22-cents-per- gallon fuel tax and vehicle-registration fees are supposed to be spent, said Brian T. Schwartz, a senior fellow at the Independence Institute, a free-market think tank…

    We have lots of pedestrian and bike paths, we do not need school buses on bridges nor roads. It is a win-win-no use of gasoline, and healthy kids too, and, less school costs to taxpayers. Pretty certain our school district and county will back the Walk Bike to School rather than ride 100% …

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