Only in our Fishwrap–from Pink Vail

Ms. Hoffman – someone here…may need your help!


Maybe it’s just us here are the ECT.

Pink Vail (from last weekend) seeks to raise money to help find a cure for Cancer…Right?

The ECT thinks that perhaps more than the threat of Cancer here in Eagle County, needs to be cured…

ECT just not sure how a man quite capable of growing a beard…while wearing a ladies bra dressed in his (pink underwear?) is going to cure anything.

Perhaps his current “life coach” told (him?) dancing with more ladies might improve his self esteem and self image.  ECT thinks he maybe trying to frighten young children with his dancing…

We don’t know.  ECT just hopes this guys “life coach” is different than the one former U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist – Bruce Jenner chose…

ECT Tip:   Local Dads…you might want to think twice about introducing young family members – to the “Team Revolution Power Yogis”….not withstanding the Yogis questionable dancing skills.   Sheesh…

PS  – Photos and Story Credit goes to our local Fishwrap

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