Proof! They’re lying in the Fishwrap

by    the Fans of Sgt. Joe Friday!

The ECT can’t stand public liars.

Case in point.  Last weeks Fishwrap and one particular ‘letter to the editor’.


Really?  Nothing could be further from the truth – Joy Harrison – and the ECT will prove it.

Eagle County, Colorado – Election Results, November 2014  (Click Here) – Documented Election Results from EC Clerk and Recorders Office.

FACT:  Every Single Democrat on Eagle County’s 2014 Ballot – WON in Eagle County, save (2 elections) –  EC Sheriff’s election – James Van Beek (R) beat democrat Daric Harvey and Ted Archibeque (R) beat democrat Kelly Miller for Eagle County Surveyor.  Yes, Ms. Harrison the ECT didn’t count EC Treasurer Karen’s Sheaffer’s (R) re-election because Karen ran – unopposed.  There were (16) contested candidate races on the 2014 EC Ballot.

2 Years earlier…Eagle County, Colorado – Election Results, November 2012  (Click Here) – Election Results from EC Clerk and Recorders Office.

FACT:  Every Single Democrat on Eagle County’s 2012 Ballot – WON in Eagle County, save (1) lone Republican.  Glenn Gallegos (R) was elected as our University of Colorado “CU-Regent”.  There were (14) contested candidate races on the 2012 EC Ballot.  For the record, Obama won in (2012) Eagle County by over 14 percentage points – 56.3% to 41.6%

FACT:  While U.S. House of Representative Scott Tipton (R)  (2012 – won re-election injoe-friday his Congressional District) – however Tipton LOST inside Eagle County – to Democrat Sal Pace (7410/7118)  – obviously just part of Tipton’s 3rd Congressional District is in Eagle County.

Congratulations seem to be in order for (then and now) EC GOP Chairman – Ms. Kaye Ferry – who was able to improve her (local party’s) historical election results by 100% in 2014 contested races.  Ms. Ferry efforts helped get (2) Republicans elected in Eagle County during 2014 as opposed to the (1) Republican elected in Eagle County during 2012.

FOR THE RECORD:  Ms. Harrison – The writer of this ECT fact driven report is an Eagle County “Unaffiliated” voter or if you prefer a registered “independent”.

It is simply a bold face lie – Ms. Harrison for any individual to suggest in writing (as you did) that “the citizens of Eagle County are centrists and lean slightly Democratic”.

The FACT is Ms. Harrison…outside of Nancy Pelosi’s (D)  District in San Francisco – the ECT can’t think of ANY location in our great Nation – that is further, nor harder “democrat-left  leaning” than Eagle County, Colorado is today.

Got it?

Time to wake up, Joy Harrison.  It’s time to quit your obviously uninformed and active political “fantasy life” and tell people the truth about the “hard-left” democrat bias – entrenched in Eagle County, Colorado today.

One more FACT, Joy Harrison – the web links (Click Here’s) posted above in this report – state “unofficial” election results, from the Eagle County Clerk’s Office – Clerk Simonton printed them that way – because at the time Teak posted these results – Eagle County Canvass Board hadn’t completed and certified County election results.  The election result numbers the ECT posted here did not change nor did the election results – after the Canvass Board completed their work and these “unofficial” election results documented here – became official.

PS –  ECT isn’t any particular fan of Ms. Ann Coulter either.

We just make a point here at the ECT – of telling (and documenting) THE TRUTH.

That’s what the ECT folks call being “Politically Correct” – Ms. Joy Harrison.



4 responses

  1. From ECT Reader MS…

    Voting results correlate most directly to how elections are manipulated and to how the electorate is influenced, and campaign practices by Democrats that disregard the truth have become increasingly common and contemptible. Locally, we had the ranch gal from Vail, Kerry Donovan, who should have quit her state race in disgust over the twisted, depraved campaign that Democrats ran against her opponent.

    This is also a disturbing throwback the days of the Klan, a group that Democrats founded in 1866. Apparently this strain of hatred remains in the party’s political DNA; it is just redirected/misdirected today but is still practiced with shameless malice.

    Also, Ms. Harrison, the militant Marxist and market manipulator George Soros didn’t spend the billions of dollars stolen from working-class investors and government programs just to achieve “balanced” elections. Nor is this just an ideological battle. Democrat loyalists need to study the real history of last century to learn just how they were duped by the Marxist goal of world domination that led to two devastating world wars. Looking around at the world today, I’d say they are not finished with their horrific use warfare yet.

  2. Ben…ECT has no idea who a Kelly Miller is. ECT’s report this week was in response to the mis-information printed in the Fishwrap by a person named Joy Harrison. Who is a Kelly Miller?

    • Kelly Miller was the Independent candidate running for county surveyor against Archibeque. In the article it was stated that Ted Archibeque defeated democrat Kelly Miller for Eagle County Surveyor. Just thought there should be some clarification.

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