Thinking Locally – Acting Locally

by  Clayton Moore

Over the last few weeks the ECT folks have been paying attention.

Context:  From one end of our County to another – what have our elected officials – been up to?

Just what is Governments #1 Job?

The correct answer is:  PUBLIC SAFETY

For those who believe “education” is #1 – that belief can quickly be proven false by by considering what has happened (years past) at Colorado’s Columbine High School and also what happened at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia.  Our Communities need to be made SAFE, FIRST.

So what do Reasonable People also require from the actions of their elected officials?

In no particular order…

Roads and Bridges, maintained, snow removed from Public Roads, reasonably priced Public Transportation…

Improvement in your Properties Value, reasonable efforts for new Job Creation – where Government gets a positive increase in Revenue compared to what it spent, helping new Jobs.

So…what have some of our elected officials – been busy with – considering the context above?

Vail’s Council – soon “plastic bag” use at their Vail Grocery Stores will be illegal.  ECT suspects the majority of Council members don’t own “dogs” or perhaps some just don’t…pick up after them…

Vail’s Council also recently approved the Vail Hospital’s – master plan expansion.

Here is what they (and in particular) the Fishwrap – WON’T tell you.  Their planned Hospital expansion – won’t change the fact that you (and we) pay the Highest Health Insurance Costs in the Nation.  (Click Here)   Their expansion is not about introducing competition in the local Medical Services market.  However if you are a Multi-million Dollar (professional athlete) Billionaire, famous Movie Star, or perhaps an Arab Sheik…you CAN look forward a really nice Hospital Room (and new Hospital wing) – while you recover from your scheduled Orthopedic Surgery – that you are quite happy and capable of paying cash for….You see….in some instances “World Class” here in Eagle County means…”I’m happy to pay you Mountains of cash – because I can…”


Our Eagle County Commissioners have decided that using (flying out of) our Eagle County Regional Airport “isn’t expensive enough” – so they Unanimously voted to “start charging (1JUN2015) for airport parking” that was previously FREE.  A bit of free parking is allegedly still available…if you’re willing to walk from an unpaved, remote parking lot somewhere near our Airport.  No associated (remote lot shuttle bus?) was even mentioned.

How is voting to make things around here “even more expensive” –improving our collective communities “quality of life”?



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