Eagle County’s Summer of CDOT – 2015

by    the fans of Public Safety

Make no Mistake.  The ECT folks are fans of CDOT because these folks work every day to improve our Public Safety on our Roads.  Day and Night.  Good weather, or a Blizzard these CDOT folks are out making sure our Roads are as safe as they can make them.  ECT enjoys listening to (on our Radio Scanner) to CDOT Snow Plow Driver “Tammy” who is a Regular Radio Voice during the tough Winter Months in Eagle County, Colorado.  Keep up the Good Work, Tammy!

ECT’s Point Here is…our collective County’s attention will soon shift from the Rock Slides on Hwy. 24  (Minturn/Red Cliff) to I-70 in Eagle Vail and Rte. 6 between Eagle and Gypsum.


Bottom Line:  Much needed and scheduled Bridge Repair at both locations.

As reported in the ECT last November (Click Here) one of the I-70 bridge spans across the Eagle River in (Eagle Vail) will be completely closed starting in April.  While Repairs are completed on that span…2-way/single lane, I-70 traffic will use the other I-70 bridge span for normal I-70 traffic.  Time to slow down and replace your Red Bull drink with “Patient Bull”.


Meanwhile…down valley…on Rte. 6 between Eagle and Gypsum the current Brush Creek Bridge (last weeks ECT report – Click Here) will also be repaired this summer.  If all goes as planned repairs will be completed by November 2015.  Up valley folks making their (weekly?) trip to the Gypsum Costco or to our Airport…would be well advised to give yourself a bit more time to get there.

(Photo – special thanks to Bob Yost, PE – CDOT’s Project Manager in Region 3)

(North is the top of Bob’s photo below)


Brush Creek Update – (1) week later….

What a difference a week makes in CDOT time.  Here is what the Brush Creek Bridge Construction Zone (Eagle, Colorado) looks like one week later – Sunday, March 29th 2015.


All of Eagle County lays inside CDOTs Region 3 geography – diagram below.

The ECT folks suggest that “2015, the Summer of CDOT” will have a much bigger and more direct impact on your traveling life…than those past (2) over-hyped weeks during February this year…Live it, Dream it…you’ll be sharing it…and don’t forget to slow down.




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