EC Campaign for Higher Sales Taxes?

by   we listen to local Radio too!

A new Eagle County Ballot Issue/Question for higher Sales Taxes – this November 2015?

Some folks think the Campaign to convince you (to vote for higher taxes) – has already started on local Radio.

What the ECT knows…

Very recently the Radio Voices of individuals sitting on– the Board of Governors of the Vail Valley Partnership – have been running Radio Ads – to tell you “just how wonderful” our Eagle County Regional Airport is…and the Airports relationship to our local Tourist economy.


What’s the Concern?  While their current (March 2015) Radio Ads…don’t specifically mention a (proposed higher sales tax in Eagle County)…they are unquestionably trying to build a public consensus – about just how “wonderful” the Airport is…

Background:  Historically the so called “EGE Air Alliance” has gone out each year (for the last several years) and canvased local businesses (and Vail Resorts) for cash donations – to help subsidize Airline flights into our Eagle County Regional Airport.

What this group unquestionably wants is a “dedicated, re-occurring Funding Source” that many insiders believe – will turn out to be a November 2015 Ballot issue – to raise the Sales Taxes paid in Eagle County.  We’ll see.


Time will Tell over the next few months.  Turns out the legal process is that… our elected Board of Eagle County, Commissioners would have to vote to approve that Ballot issue/question to raise taxes – before it goes on the November 2015 Eagle County Ballot.

Here are a few FACTS that the folks at the EGE Air Alliance and Vail Valley Partnership (forgot?) to mention in their Radio Ads…

1 – Per person Flights costs out of KEGE (Eagle County Regional) are not affordable for most Eagle County families – when compared to the Airfares out of DIA in Denver…


2 – FACT:  Neither Vail Valley Partnership , nor the EGE Air Alliance has any control over what the Airlines will charge us…after we Subsidize the cost of their Flights!!!

3 – While the Radio Ad insists…”that since 2007…100,000 Flight Seats have been lost at our KEGE airport…”  No mention is made to fact that the costs of those seats (compared to Denver)…makes Denver a much more attractive Airport – for a family of 4 to fly into for their Ski (or summer) Vacation…

4 –  No mention is made of the Economic contribution that the Vail Valley Jet Center (private Jet aviation) has made to our local Economy…That’s the place at our Airport that our 1%ers fly into.   Our local “Private Sector” Airport isn’t asking for any Subsidies…in spite of the Economic contribution that the Jet Center and the high-roller 1%ers make to our Eagle County economy…

Don’t worry – Eagle County families and Taxpayers and small business owners – the “has your back”….

More on this soon.

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