From the Street

Investing into the Future…

If you were the largest Ski Resort operator in North America…and you had $50 Million dollars to invest in multi-year Capital Improvements…where would you invest to get the maximum return on your money?

Colorado?  Summit or Eagle Counties?

The answer to this question is (Click Here).


This fact also raises some interesting questions about Ski Resort Real Estate investing…in the years ahead.

If you were a Real Estate investor in your 30’s or 40’s looking to make an investment for your family…with an excellent chance of your property’s value increasing…where might you invest?

– a place that has the highest Health Insurance costs in the Nation? (that’s Eagle County, Colorado)

– a place where Real Estate Transfer Tax (RETT) is immediately attached to your investment property (1% Vail) or (2% Avon) (Beaver Creek is 2.75%)?

– Public Safety?  a place where your growing, curious children will have “easier access” recreational marijuana?

– a place where your young children can experience the thrill of (exotic male dancers?) dancing on Vail Mountain (Pink Vail event) – wearing ski boots and ladies bras?


– a place where for only $50.00/ea. the esteemed intellectuals at our “Vail Symposium” group welcomes blue haired lady speakers – happy to lecture you on how, you too, can “talk to dead people”?


The ECT folks here ask a lot of questions.

What our Community “has become” and “where we’re headed” in the future…is constantly on our minds…

PS – if you’re shopping for groceries in Vail…you might want to remember to bring your own – plastic bags…

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