3rd Lunar Eclipse of the Tetrad

by   local  “Lunararies”   

In case you missed it…

A “Tetrad” is a series of 4 total Lunar Eclipses in a row…

The 3rd of the 4 Eclipses as seen from (Eagle County, Colorado) happened early Saturday Morning, April 4th 2015 (~5:10AM)

The next total Lunar Eclipse happens again (for North American viewers) on Monday, September 28th 2015.  Mark your calendar, and hope for clear weather.

As you can see from the ECT’s photos from last Saturday morning (early)…it’s no easy task photographing a Lunar Eclipse.


When the Lunar Eclipse is “total” your Camera has the least “light” to work with…and it’s hard to hold a camera steady…when your Zoom is at maximum and you forgot to set up your Tripod…

Perhaps the ECT can do better this coming fall.  Our friends in Las Vegas, Nevada had a better view of the Total Eclipse…as it was darker in Las Vegas (one hour behind us) and the moon a bit higher in the sky.  ECT thinks 2 digital photos (and a little Photoshop) where used to make this amazing Las Vegas Eclipse photo!  Photo Credit (Tyler Leavitt & Space.com)


Meanwhile…back in Summit County, Colorado…the ECT suggests a working knowledge of Photoshop exists in both Nevada and Colorado.  The old 35mm film/dark room has since been supplanted…we’d say…To visit Richard’s web site (below photo) just click on his photo…


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