Another Look at Vail Christian’s – Remarkable Academic Achievement

by  Clayton Moore

Amazing.  It’s almost unbelievable.

Local Education.

Imagine a relatively small High School in Eagle County, Colorado – winning at the Colorado State level in the past 3 out of 4 years, Academically.  They call the competition “”academic decathlon”.

The Winner?  Eagle County’s – Vail Christian High School.  And not “one dime” of your Eagle County Property Tax – goes to that local School.  100% of those Property Tax dollars are reserved for Dr. Jason Glass – and our Eagle County, Public Schools.

No additional fundraising from Efec’s “Project Funway” goes to Vail Christian either, Dr. Glass.

What else do we know about Vail Christian High School?

Well, the VCHS student body is currently made up of Jewish, Buddhist, non-Religious students and of course, Christians…according to Mr. Patrick Beaudine (Assistant Principal, AP Social Sciences Teacher).  There is no doubt here at the ECT – that if a local Muslim student were to apply – they would also be welcomed at Vail Christian High School – same as everyone else.

A course in “Theology” is also part of the VCHS Students curriculum, however NO QUESTIONS related to the topic of Theology – were part of the “Academic Decathlon” that these students competed in and have won at the State level for the past 3 out of 4 years…

The ECT folks thought you should know a little more about Vail Christian High School, the Students and Faculty that make their remarkable State Wide Academic Achievement possible.


The ECT folks would like to congratulate (alphabetically – Sophia Brenden, Alec Campbell, Christina Cheesman, Rachel Keith, Stuart McDonald, Jessica Richie, Larkin Smith, Mary Sweet and Sarah Sweet on VCHS Academic Decathlon team.

Good Luck at the National Championship this year (April 2015) at Disneyland.



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