Finger Pointing at TV’s local – Channel 5

by    J.K. Perry – Executive Director – TV 5

It’s True.   There is no shortage of “Finger Pointing” going on here at TV Channel 5…


It’s also true that Channel 5 (Public Access TV 5) has an online Survey, we’d like you to take!

Click Here:

It’s a short Survey about TV 5 and the local Governments meetings that we broadcast from Channel 5 here.

Here are the detail from our recent TV Channel 5 Press Release!

For immediate release


Contact: J.K. Perry


Help PATV5 help you

Complete online survey

Public Access TV 5 (PATV5) invites you to participate in an online survey to understand how they might better serve the community.

As you may know, PATV5 is a grassroots, nonprofit community access television station carried on the Comcast cable system on Channel 5.

The survey, which may be found at (Click, gauges current use of PATV5, or lack thereof, how PATV5 might better meet your needs, and general use of other types of media. Your responses will directly help shape improvements to PATV5’s provision of video training, equipment, channel time, programming and internet distribution to the community.

Those who complete the survey by April 30 may also enter a drawing to win at $20 gift certificate to a local establishment.

Each survey takes only five to 10 minutes to complete. All responses are important and will be kept confidential.

Photo caption: Public Access TV provides free video production training. Complete their survey at to help improve services to the community.


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