Flying with the Fishwrap – They don’t tell the Truth!

by  KEGE’s Reality Check

Why is it so difficult for folks at the Fishwrap – to tell you the TRUTH?

Last Friday’s Fishwrap…right on their front page…proves the Fishwrap doesn’t know the difference between a “Jet” and a “Plane”.  Insisting their front page photo (Click Here) is a Jet – when in reality it’s a Propeller driven “Turbo Prop” – a de Havilland Canadian Dash 8, Q-Series (Click Here).  Their photo (actually is was a nice photo) shows (United/Continental’s) Flight 4928 landing at Eagle County Regional at ~7:39PM on it’s inbound (49 minute) Flight from Denver.

While the Fishwrap’s Friday story was “heaping all sorts of Marketing and PR praise” on our Eagle County Regional Airport…here is what the Fishwrap – doesn’t want you to know!

How much does a Round Trip flight from Denver into KEGE cost – even after our Ski Season ends…


ECT’s Question:  Why should Eagle County taxpayers be asked to pay a permanent (Sales Tax?) increase to subsidize flights into KEGE…when (at least some) of those flights ARE NOT affordable for the average Taxpayer – living here in Eagle County?  Don’t forget your (elected) Eagle County Commissioners have recently voted to charge (you and your family) to Park at our Airport – starting June 1st this year.

FACT:  There are people living in Eagle County today – that believe you and your family are NOT paying enough Taxes.  They have an Agenda.

FACT:  These same local Business people (would be Tax Raisers) are currently serving on the Vail Valley Partnership board.  (Click Here)  They have also directed Chris Romer of the Vail Valley Partnership – to support a local Marketing Campaign to support subsidizing flights into our Eagle County Regional Airport.

FACT:  Local Radio Ads have been running recently on the Eagle County “airwaves” promoting the Eagle County Regional Airport – some of those Radio Ads are read on the air by current members of the Board of Directors of the Vail Valley Partnership.  John Shipp (Dusty Boot Saloon) and Marisa Selvy (Crazy Mountain Brewing Company) just to name two.

FACT:   Some Eagle County Buses are Sporting new full cover Airport Marketing graphics…now that the 2015 Ski Event Marketing logos are being removed from County Buses.

The ECT believes Eagle County Taxpayers are being “set up” (coerced, conjoined in an attempt to be convinced) to support a Eagle County Tax increase Ballot question – this November 2015.  We’ll see.  Fact is…our Eagle County Commissioners – have to agree to put that Tax Increase question on your November 2015 Ballot.  (2) out of our 3 County Commissioners are up for election this November 2016.  You can bet they wont agree to put any new Eagle County Tax Question on your 2016 Ballot – when their busy trying to get re-elected.  Right, Ladies?

Enter – Vail Resorts.  Fact is…VR has historically helped Finance – annual/subsidized Flights into our Airport, during Ski Season.

Question for VR.  If VR thought they had a reasonable chance to permanently “cost shift” the cost of these subsidized Flights – to the Eagle County Taxpayer – do you believe VR would hesitate to $upport a big local Marketing/PR campaign, aimed at doing just that?

Now Enters the Fishwrap…and their endless fiscal addiction to Harlot Journalism.  Obviously, the leadership at the Fishwrap sees a big opportunity to sell more Paid Print Advertising – to support the campaign and financial interests of one of the Fishwrap’s biggest Paid Print Advertisers – Vail Resorts.

What to expect from the Fishwrap going forward this Spring 2015?  Simple.  More and More stories and reports “about how wonderful” our local Airport is…and just how “vital” our Airport is – to our local economy.  You’re being “set up” Eagle County Taxpayer!  Pay Attention!

Bottom Line:  The Fishwrap leadership is more concerned with the financial interests of their biggest Paid Print Advertisers (and themselves) – than they are with our Community at large.  That’s why ECT readers…the Fishwrap has NEVER reported that Eagle County Families pay the Highest Health Insurance Costs – in our Nation.  (Click Here)  Our Vail Valley Medical Center (read: the Vail Hospital) pays for far, far to much Paid Print Advertising in the Fishwrap – for the Fishwrap to ever mention this FACT.

Right, Don?

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