Hare Today – More Snow Tomorrow?

by   the fans of  Mel Blanc

Hide nor Hare?  Showing up in Eagle County, Colorado this past week – and a bit late for Easter 2015…this fellow has (to date) not been formally introduced to the ECT’s Golden Eagle from last week…(Click Here)  Sporting Natures own “Ear Cammo” this guy is probably still (out smarting?) our feathered friends – who’d like to invite him to their dinner.


On the fearless side of things this fellow hung around for a few more ECT photos.  Our favorites shared here this week at the ECT.  Just click on the Photos to Enlarge Them!



One response

  1. A word from your friendly editor who knows you like to get things right. Very cute headline – however, not quite right. There is a BIG difference between Hares and Rabbits and your picture is of a Mountain Cottontail Rabbit (common in this area) and not a Snowshoe Hare (common, but seen mostly at higher elevations, mostly at night and are white this time of year – turning brown in the summer)

    Hares are born fully furred with their eyes open where as rabbits (as in your very fine photo) are born hairless and with their eyes closed. Because of predation, Cottontails have one of the highest mortality rates of any mammal: 85 percent of them never reach their first birthday. To combat this they have an incredible reproduction rate: 4 to 5 litters a year averaging 5 young per litter

    Cottontail ears are only 2 to 2 3/4 in long and Snowshoe ears are 5 to 6in long.

    Just thought you might want to know 🙂

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