Why Airlines – Need not be Subsided by Taxpayers

by   the fans of CNN Money

This story from CNN Money from last week – April 20th 2015.

Just (Click On) the graphic below to watch the CNN video on this story.

Less Competition:  In 2005 there were 9 major U.S. Airlines…10 years later there are only 5…due to Airline mergers and acquisitions.

From last week’s ECT – just because an Airlines agrees to accept a Taxpayer Subsidy…it does not mean it will translate into more a affordable ticket prices for flying into our Eagle County Regional Airport.  Here is your proof.


Bottom Line:  When the Airlines (recently ) saved ~$3.4 Billion due to a (33% drop in the price they paid for Fuel)…your average Airline ticket price saved $0.66 cents per ticket.  (Click On) the graphic below…to watch the CNN video on this topic.


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