Eagle County – Property Values (and Taxes?) SKYROCKET

DATELINE:   May 1st 2015 Eagle County, Colorado

Sticker Shock or “Shock and Awe” if you prefer – however the first Shockwaves in Eagle County, Colorado arrived “online” from the Eagle County Assessors Office on Friday May 1st 2015.  Don’t worry – your new/2015 Eagle County Property Tax Valuation is in the U.S. Mail to you this coming week.

Since last Friday, May 1st – Everyone the ECT has spoken to, real Property Owners in Eagle County – have seen their Assessed Value of their Property go UP.  A lot.

Anywhere from 20% (on the low side) to 38% and even up to 50% increases (Gypsum) have been seen (online) at the Eagle County Assessor’s office.  The ECT’s informal (Property Valuation increase) survey taken from folks in the mid-valley areas.

(Click Here)  to search your Eagle County Properties Records.  You’ll need your Street Address or your “R” account number – printed on your Property Tax bill.


What you need to know:  According to a long time Eagle County Mortgage provider…most folks who have a Mortgage (with an Escrow Account) will see an increase in their Monthly Mortgage Payment starting (most likely) February 1st 2016.

Why so long from now?  Because until the Taxing District’s (i.e. School District, Fire District) set their official Mill Levy (~December 2015)…your Mortgage lender wont be able to accurately calculate your Property Tax increase – and hence your increased Monthly Mortgage payment.

Of Course – not everyone in Eagle County – has seen a big increase in their Properties Assessed Value.  Here is the Public Record of a local well-heeled Developer whose wife – owns a Residence on Beaver Dam Road in Vail.  His neighbor on Beaver Dam road? A well known Billionaire from Texas.


KNOW THIS:   Eagle County Taxpayer!  There are some folks in Eagle County, Colorado that believe you are NOT paying enough in new, Higher Property Taxes.  Keep in mind that increases of 30-40% sometimes EVEN 50% (Eagle and Gypsum) properties are not unusual this 2015 Assessed Valuation.


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