Memorial Day – at the Block!

by  the fans of our  Service Academies

Eagle County, Colorado’s Memorial Day Service will be held Monday, May 25th 2015

Where:   3:30PM – Freedom Park, in Edwards  (a.k.a. the Block)


The Block (photo) of course is a piece of the Limestone from the Pentagon – taken after the 9/11 attack.  This is the 11th Annual Memorial Day Service sponsored by VFW Post 10721 (Minturn) and the Freedom Park Memorial Committee.

3 responses

  1. calling it “the Block” is very dis-respectful – why not just call it by its real name???

    In Peace,

    Patricia Hammon, RN



    • Pat it IS a Block of Limestone from the Pentagon.
      It is never dis-respectful to accurately describe something.
      Me thinks…Too much of this (political correctness)stuff on your side of the isle…

    • What is it’s real name then?

      This is what the State of Maryland calls it –
      ” limestone blocks …”

      This is what the VD called it, a “piece of limestone” –
      ” It also included an official dedication of a piece of limestone that broke off the Pentagon during the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and has been installed in a memorial at Freedom Park-“

      A’ weapon of mass destruction limestone block’ also likely fits as a description – for the buildings became exactly that due to terrorists who entered our country via U.S. visa’s…

      But I suppose that descriptive word of ‘Islam Terrorist Attacks and Mass Destruction Commemorative Block’ is decidedly non-PC …

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