Cordillera Confusion?

by     the ECT fans of Accurate Reporting

Cordillera, Colorado? –  What’s going on in that well to do Community, today?

Answer:  Well, that seems to depend on “who you ask”.

Case in Point:  Recently a letter about the Cordillera Community was published in the Fishwrap.  Letter penned by a Slifer Realtor.

Her Bottom Line:   essentially “everything is going just GREAT in Cordillera”.  “Property Values going up, Real Estate on the market is moving.”  (Click Here) for a copy of her letter.

So?  Well… just another local Realtor, selling Cordillera – happy to suggest a (vibrant) current Real Estate Market in Cordillera?

Now digest this documented FACT:   David Willhelm is still the owner of all the Golf Courses (3) at Cordillera.  David has contracted with Troon Golf to run and manage the Golf Courses and the Golf Club House at Cordillera.

So?  Things (additional memberships?) selling well for Willhelm and Troon?

Somehow a local Realtor (forgot?) to mention this special Cordillera offer in her letter…

You Decide – ECT Reader:  



The Club at Cordillera and Troon Golf are pleased to announce the opening of the Mountain Course tomorrow, May 22nd 2015.  To celebrate the opening of our third season with three courses, we’re making a special offering to anyone who was ever a member of the Club at Cordillera.  As a prior Club member, you are invited to re-join for a $4,500 Initiation fee and NO DUES for the 2015 season.
With the Cordillera Valley Club open, the Mountain Course open, and the Summit Course scheduled to open June 5th, we would love to welcome back any and all prior club members for this limited time special offering. We’re thrilled with the results of our membership drive over the past two years and expect to exceed 500 members this season. Thank you to all of the community for the continued support of Troon Golf and The Club at Cordillera.  I look forward to hearing from you soon to take advantage of this tremendous offer!
Warm Regards,
Suzanne Morgan
Director of Membership * The Club at Cordillera
p 970/569-6418 | c 970/470-9415 | f 970/926-5934


Private Clubs of Distinction

© 2015 Cordillera Metropolitan District | 970/926-1923


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