Just "who" means Business?

by   the real fans of Eagle County’s Private Sector

Just “who” means business in Eagle County, Colorado today?

Let’s have a look at the (documented) biggest employers (2011) from the Vail Valley’s latest web site (www.VailValleyMeansBusiness.com) – brought to you by the nice folks at the Vail Valley Partnership (Click Here).

Employer Number of Employees Notes and Industry Sector
Vail Resorts >1500 Most Jobs Seasonal.  No Seasonal Jobs come with Health Insurance now.  (Click Here)
Eagle County Public School District <1000 99% Supported and Funded by Annual Property Taxes.
Vail Valley Medical Center 500-1000 For all the Private Property in Vail (and elsewhere) that VVMC owns – the Vail Hospital pays NO PROPERTY TAXES since the Vail Hospital is organized as “Non-Profit”
Eagle County Government 400-500 100% Supported by Sales Taxes and Property Taxes paid by Individuals and all of Eagle County’s Private Sector
Vail Cascade 300-400 Private Sector with a large percentage of Seasonal Jobs.
Ritz Carlton Hotel 300-400 Private Sector with a large percentage of Seasonal Jobs.
Wal~Mart 300-400 Private Sector with a large number of Part Time Jobs.  Sales Tax paid at our Avon Wal~Mart are now higher than in Beaver Creek 9.549%  (Click Here)
Sonnenalp Resort 200-300 Private Sector with a large percentage of Seasonal Jobs.
Town of Vail 200-300 100% Supported by Sales Taxes and Property Taxes paid by Individuals and Vail’s Private Sector businesses
Vail Marriott 200-300 Private Sector with a large percentage of Seasonal Jobs.

Are Sales and Property Taxes TOO HIGH in Eagle County Colorado today?

Answer:  Let’s compare the number of Government Sector Jobs in Eagle County (funded by all those Taxes we pay) vs. our real Private Sector.  Keep in Mind, without all those Sales and Property and Income Taxes you pay in Eagle County – these Government Jobs – would not be possible.

Government Jobs in Eagle County Listed Here

(How do I Tax Thee?  Let me count the ways.)

– Town of Gypsum, Gypsum Fire Department

– Eagle County Regional Airport now featuring Paid Parking (the Airport has it’s own Fire Department too)

– Town of Eagle, Eagle Fire Department, Eagle Police Department

– Eagle County Government (Health and Human Services, Treasurer, Assessor, Clerk and Recorder..there are 36 Departments listed on the County’s web site)

– Eagle Combined Courts – (County & 5th Judicial District)

– Eagle County Sheriff’s Office & Jail  (how many folks work there?)

– Town of Avon,  Avon Police Department

– Eagle River Fire Protection District (funded by Property Taxes)

– Beaver Creek Metro District – and their own BC Fire Department

– Town of Minturn and the Town of Red Cliff

– Town of Vail.  Vail Fire Department.  Vail Police Department. Vail Rec Department.  Vail Code Enforcement.  Eagle County’s E911 Emergency Dispatch Facility in Vail.

– Eagle Valley Library District (funded by Property Taxes)

– Eagle County Public School District (all their jobs funded by Property Taxes)

– Colorado Mountain College (funded by Property Taxes)

– Quasi-Governmental   Our Water District(s) &  Ambulance District(s)

– U.S. Forest Service Jobs as well as Colorado’s Fish and Wildlife Jobs

– Colorado Water and Conservation District

– Colorado Department of Transportation – Rte. 6 and I-70 Maintenance

RETT  Real Estate Transfer Taxes you pay when you buy your home and again when you sell it

Are you still wondering why the Vail Valley Medical Center/Vail Hospital prefers to beEmpty-Wallet organized as a local “non-profit” so they can (at least) escape paying Property Taxes on all their Vail Real Estate they own (and own elsewhere)?

The ECT hasn’t even counted our Towns of Basalt and El Jebel!

Considering all this Eagle County Confiscatory Taxation (Sales, Property, Income) why would any new Private Sector Business want to “open up shop” in Eagle County today?

Here’s One:  NexCore Group (Click Here)   They specialize in building Medical Office Buildings – and have their new Avon Medical Office Building Approved and Construction will start the week of June 8th 2015.

Why did NexCore choose Eagle County?  In part because Eagle County’s citizens pay the Highest Health Insurance costs in the United States.  (Click Here)  That’s why.

The next time someone tries to convince you that “Eagle County Means Business” you’d better tell them to start reading the Eagle County Times…and hold on to their Wallets.

All these Government Jobs and Agencies have but ONE WAY to Grow.  Through additional Confiscatory Taxation levied against the very individuals they purport to serve…Time to wake up folks.


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