Eagle County Heath Insurance Costs – Going Down

by  the fans of   FREE MARKET CAPITALISM

Eagle County has suffered (and Pitkin County/Aspen) with the Highest Health Insurance Costs in the Nation.

Finally, our Health Insurance Costs here are going DOWN.


Because the MONOPOLY that the Vail Valley Medical Center has (read: Vail Hospital) is being broken.  Genuine, Market based Health Care competition in and near Eagle County’s geography was announced last week.

Who’s moving in?

National Healthcare provider – Kaiser Permanente announced last week they are opening a new Medical Office Building in Frisco, CO.  (Click On) the graphic below to read Kaiser’s Press Release.  Granted Frisco isn’t in Eagle County – however it’s a lot easier to drive to than…Denver.


Another Health Care Provider that will compete with Kaiser and the Vail Valley Medical Center – for Health Care services is moving into a brand new Medical Office Building (over 30,000 sq/ft.) located near to Jim Pavelich’s “North Side Café” in Avon, Colorado.  The new Medical Office Building is being built by Nexcore Group and they broke ground last week – June 9th 2015.  The new Building is scheduled to be fully operational for new Medical Services – by June 2016.


THE BOTTOM LINE:   Once these new Healthcare providers are operational – Everyone in Eagle County that pays for Health Insurance can expect to pay less in the months and years to come.  VVMC will have to compete.

Eagle County reported to the ECT last week – that the County is spending at least $1 Million dollars more on their Budgeted Health Insurance costs – that what was originally Budgeted this year…(Click Here – Randy Wyrick)

It is reasonable to believe… that our Eagle County Public School District (a larger employer than Eagle County!) is having similar challenges with their Health Insurance Budget and Costs as well…

KEEP IN MIND – Eagle County Taxpayer – if you pay Property Taxes to the School District and Sales Taxes to our County…your Tax Money has to cover THEIR Healthcare costs – as well as paying for your own Healthcare too!

This is exactly why these (2) new Healthcare providers is such a BIG DEAL to everyone who lives in Eagle County.

These reduced Insurance costs won’t happen over night…however it’s clear that the Vail Valley Medical Center’s Healthcare monopoly is being broken!

And that is good news for all of us!

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