Vail Valley Medical Center’s – Untold Story

by    the Fans of Bass Reeves

Why doesn’t the Vail Valley Medical Center (read: the Vail Hospital) want you to know the complete story?

VVMC and the Fishwrap have teamed up – to pay for and provide you with “all” the information they believe YOU should know.  The problem is…with what they’re determined NOT to tell you.

The folks here at the believe you need to know MORE about the Vail Valley Medical Center – than what they want you to know about.

Let’s Begin.

1 – VVMC pays the Fishwrap to run color Print Ads like this (this from the week of June 9th 2015)


Item 2 – Fifty years of providing Medical Services?  Yes.  However, 50 years ago the Vail Hospital wasn’t responsible for the Highest Health Insurance costs in the Nation – however today – they are!  (Click Here)

Item 3 – Vail Resorts has dropped Healthcare Insurance coverage and costs (for their part time/seasonal) employees…no doubt – due in a large part to the costs to VR to provide that Part Time Employee Health benefit.  (Click Here)

Item 4 – The Vail Valley Medical Center is legally organized and run as a “Non-Profit”.  So for the past 50 years and (today) including all their Vail owned Real Estate (and in Edwards and elsewhere) VVMC has NEVER PAID any PROPERTY TAXES!  EVER!  We all know that the majority of the Property Taxes we pay here in Eagle County – go into our Eagle County Public School District.

Q.)  How many Millions of Dollars (over 50 years) has VVMC – NOT PAID our Public School District?

Item 5 –  So where is all that $$$ going if it’s not being paid as Property Taxes?

Answer:  ECT suggests you (Click Here) to read a PDF copy of VVMC’s recent Federal Tax Return (Form 990) – which is a Public Record document – since VVMC is a “non-Profit”.  ECT recommends you check out these PDF page(s) for a list of some of the annual Salaries that VVMC’s CEO and top Administrators are being paid.

Item 6 – Speaking of being Paid…is there any doubt that the amount of color – Paid Print Advertising VVMC buys from the Fishwrap – is the #1 reason the Fishwrap WON’T REPORT any of these above, well documented facts – to their Fishwrap readers?

One more Point:  The ECT folks would like to thank the excellent, hard working Medical Professionals that provide our Eagle County with top flight Health Care Services at VVMC!  You folks are exceptional and great!

The ECT concerns outlined above are directed exclusively at VVMC’s CEO, CFO and the Hospital’s Board of Directors.


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