Liberty 1 – Town of Vail 0 (at least on this round..)

by    Liberty and Justice for all!

Considering it was Independence week last week – where the founders and framers of our Great Nation…dissolved the ties to Big Government – and declared themselves Free and Independent of the British Empire (circa: July 4th 1776)

The ECT thought it appropriate to bring to your attention a recent District Court case (29JUN2015) involving Vail Homeowners as Plaintiff’s and the Town of Vail Government as Defendants.


District Court Judge – Fred Gannett ruled in favor of the Vail Citizens against their, Big, Bloated, Overly Aggressive, Unaccountable – Town of Vail Government.  To read the entire (8 page) ruling by Judge Gannett, (Click Here)

The ECT would like to wish Reggie D. Delponte – Happy Independence Day 2015 – and the same to District Court Judge, Fred Gannett!


One more Point about Unaccountable Big Government…The Citizens prevailed in this Ruling HOWEVER – it’s the Town of Vail TAXPAYERS – that are being held to Account in this Ruling.  The Vail Taxpayers…now have to pay the “reasonable legal costs” of the Plaintiff’s…Arguably it’s NOT the TOV’s Big Government that is held to account (did any Vail bureaucrats get fired?) only the Vail Taxpayers get to pay the penalty.

Don’t get the ECT started about Vail Golf Courses…and the TOV Government.

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