Vail Valley Medical Center’s $164 Million Dollars of Cash and Equivalents


The Vail Valley Medical Center is sitting on a Mountain of Cash.

In excess of $164 Million in Cash and Equivalents – according to their Federal 990 Tax Return filed in 2013.

You already know – Eagle County, Colorado (and Pitkin County) pay the Highest Health Insurance costs in the Nation…but what you don’t know – till now – is just how much Cash the main Healthcare provider in Eagle County, Colorado – the (Vail Valley Medical Center) is sitting on.

Below from Page 11 of VVMC’s Federal 990 Tax Return filed in 2013.

$48,168,487 + $103,058,938 + $13,516,417 = $164,743,842.00

Just CLICK ON the graphic below to enlarge it.


To review the entire Vail Valley Medical Centers 2013 Federal Tax return – from above (Click Here)

The ECT folks will also point out that the previous years (before this Tax Return) Federal 990 Tax Return reported $133,754,419.00 also in “cash and equivalents”.  This “mountain of VVMC cash” has been accumulating for years…

Fact is…even if a VVMC Hospital Expansion cost ~$40 Million dollars – the Board of Directors at VVMC could simply “write the check” and not even “bat an eye”!  Leaving a mere $140 Million in their bank  – as left over “cash and equivalents.

So then why all the current emphasis on a new Hospital Fund Raising effort to pay for this new (now approved) Vail Hospital Expansion?  Well, Vail Hospital CEO Doris Kirchner?  Insurance costs for putting Rescue Helicopter/Helipads on the top of Buildings must be going UP…in lieu of what happened in Summit County this past Friday, July 3rd 2015.  (Click Here)   The ECT never agreed with the Town of Vail’s approval to allow a Helipad on the top of a building – as part of their (now) approved Vail Hospital Expansion…

ECT Disclaimer:  Special Thanks to some long time (well heeled) Vail locals who helped educate some ECT folks on “how to read” certain sections of Federal Tax Returns.  ECT had the Tax Return information – based on our Public Record online research – however the expertise needed to interpret sections of those Tax Returns were provided to the ECT – by others who prefer to remain anonymous.

4 responses

    • ECT doesn’t think this is CEO Doris Kirchner’s comment.
      Your IP addresses don’t match anymore than your EMail (naming convention) for
      Just the same thanks for the (news? letter?) tip.

      The Fishwrap (a.k.a. Vail Daily) practices what the ECT calls “Harlot Journalism”.
      That’s where an entity like VVMC buys enough Paid Print Advertising at the Fishwrap…
      So that the Fishwrap will NEVER report this Public Record Information – the numbers in their Federal Tax Return.

      Nor will the Fishwrap ever comment about the FACT that Eagle County and Pitkin County pay the highest health insurance costs in the Nation.
      The Fishwrap – bought and paid for by…100% Harlot Journalism at the Fishwrap…

  1. And we at the Washington Post don’t think that Zorro is head of the Eagle County Times either.
    But you are 100% right the Vail Daily is not a newspaper, just a paper and it is good to dry your wet hiking boots with them. The Vail Daily just serves their advertisers and of course the VVMC is a bigger one.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Bob Woodward (a.k.a.) “Doris Kirchner”…you need to do a better job…covering your Internet (tracks).
      Try posting from different Internet locations…so you’re not always using the same TCP/IP address – when you post online.
      How would your Mother say it…in non-technical terms…”your slip is showing”?

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